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Ice in the Chess(t)
When I dream
I dream of chess
turning to wood and stone
after living long lives
on whaling vessels
in the very far north.
A grizzled sea captain
turning into a king.
Where the reddest grasses of the north
pressed and distorted under rivers of ice
are thrumming into checkered zigzags.
Crushed rose-tinted ice
in the elm
of these chess pieces,
white in the eyes
where they are glassy
with memory of
A rush the rush
of a tidal wave,
of leaves
laden with smoke,
of birds returning to a
cliff face
smokey with ice.
Of a cigar crusty
with sea foam,
silhouettes in salt
where the sun touches only,
barely touches
:iconrestlesssands:RestlessSands 18 24
elementary refraction by RestlessSands elementary refraction :iconrestlesssands:RestlessSands 6 3 hush by RestlessSands hush :iconrestlesssands:RestlessSands 8 5
i hunt you
always in the dim coriander shadow
shelves of thought.
it became a worry when
this  obsession
to taste like lemon
and burning walnut,
like myself,
       with an alien flame
roiling up inside
the sunken balsam-wood.
the grains in me bow
wherever you slay them
and a lash of cheek in the mirror
caught in the wrong light
when i turn
looks like your
hands unfolding
another map
as your knuckles
linger and
shake against the steering wheel
:iconrestlesssands:RestlessSands 19 17
i of you,
such a beautiful mess, intertwined and overrun.
your arms, copper lips, citrus,
a lovin' with a twist.
my summer away at space pirate camp,
i took to howling with you the first thunder of june;
flesh, storms,
the hunt for human brains,
     Maybe Zombies Just Want To Hug?
       - 6 lies to tell yourself if shipwrecked.
i can't explain the feelings i get.
   blue dream before i sleep:
   the soul cupping rice (glass figurines, lamp light eyes).
my fear is milk two sugars.
       drink drink drink
       beneath it all,
               floral growth, silver spoons,
               fox teeth,
           losing my spine, strange preoccupations with skin,
:iconrestlesssands:RestlessSands 120 83
the hungry look...
the hungry look,
the wolves
weaving through
and around
  the gully of your throat like wraiths,
we can feel you rusting, lost one;
i know that drainpipes and fenders
begin to crackle after winter wet
and that there’s a touch of snow
in all of us,
but no one,
no one could hold you as tightly as you do,
your whole body, bloodless in this arrest,
and if you will not let your fetters show
i will show you
there’s a place for going, and you haven’t gone there yet;
where quantum particles, once in contact, can retain a connection
even when separated
where you
wander up to a stranger
with your shirt inside-out
and say ‘don’t mind me, i am just a deer come out to observe the world’
some strange magic, that once done, cannot let go
:iconrestlesssands:RestlessSands 118 45
i give you this thought.. by RestlessSands i give you this thought.. :iconrestlesssands:RestlessSands 20 12
cedar, and the transparency of light
crawling through a cola bottle
you look through space
and then you look at me
and see my miniature;
sunglow, the word i use for you is
the color of premature saffron or
wild maize,
a man belly up
and being poured into it
an eon of yellow ore -
is the same wanting of living,
the same humanness broken
if i were to run my hands
through you,
i'd disappear into the ether
so long at space
were i to touch you now
it would be an old bell of sound
and you would be an hourglass
of measuring
:iconrestlesssands:RestlessSands 31 25
here, out of the flightless ink of fish,
the coals are moonlit-blue, and pierced
by little bodies -
       turtles -
little bodies made for brawling
in the great apricot cold -
bumpy heads and peanut shells
and silence dismantled
wherever they shift
through the sandy
dark -
every fin is a petition
for water, a body of water
to bury into
:iconrestlesssands:RestlessSands 15 6


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United States
"quarks... mesons... light particulate or waved...

all of them needed to be part of something and when they belonged to it they rejoiced: What I am is us, what we do together is myself."


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